My books for July - December 2024 are now open!

Just fill the form to book 





Most booking I accept flash inquiry only. 


flash = my own tattoo designs I have already drawn and will be tattooed limited 


When signing up on my mailing list you'll get access to my newest flash designs that i drop every few weeks. 




flash pre picks
I'd like to start offering a pre-pick option on my flash designs for my mailing list subscribers.
This way you may view a selection of all available flash and claim your wish design before our appointment day!
Just let me know your pick when sending the booking form and I will save that design for you.
During the appointment there will be a chance for small adjustments but I will plan our session accordingly to your choice.
If your choice is taken already I am happy to design something similar for you.

appointment day picks
Of course I am happy to receive your booking requests for appointments the classic way.
Here you will be able to check my flash designs on the day of your appointment at the studio.
The appointment flash choice contains all designs available on that day, including the pre-pick selection.

You can then choose your favorite flash and there will be the chance for us to work on design adjustments.







placements I don't tattoo

I don't hand poke the ribcage and I prefer not to do small and detailed botanical works on the torso. The reason is pretty simple, mostly I don't like the result on those placements after healing and I want to give you something that looks great a lifetime.





Before I book you in you will get a mail with all necessary info including a price range.




skin tones

Due to increased client interest and my personal appreciation of diversity and representation I would like to prioritize a part of my available appointment slots to people of color and persons with darker skin tones. I feel like there is not enough representation of tattoos on non-white skin in general as well as in my own works.

I’m sure that my tattoos will look great on black/brown/non-white skin so I decided to give certain 

preference to POC.


If you like to take this offer and to share your information in order to get tattooed by me please let me know in the according part of the application form.




selling designs

Since I keep receiving increased requests on selling my tattoo designs I would like to let you know that I won’t be doing that at all. I put in a lot of work, time and energy into my designs which are strongly connected to my way of tattooing and realizing concepts. I (as well as many other tattoo artists) create designs that are supposed to be unique pieces for my clients. Copying these works in any kind or way, whether bought or stolen, will never result in the way they are supposed to. Thank you for understanding!