how to book

I am taking bookings quarterly on one day for the upcoming quarter (specific dates see below).

to inquire please just read all info here carefully and fill the booking form (only available on the booking day)




next booking day


for quarter 4 2020: booked up

for quarter 1 2021: November 15, 2020 00:00 - 23:59 CET

for quarter 2 2021: can't tell yet



Unfortunately I don't accept inquiries on another day what means my books are closed most of the year. If there are spontaneous availabilities for flash or new projects I share them in my stories on instagram.







I accept flash inquiry only (when I’m taking bookings!)


flash = my own tattoo designs I have already drawn and will be tattooed just once


I don't send my flash prior to your appointment. But you gonna have enough time to choose your favorite on the day of your appointment.

The available designs are similar to the ones I shared the last six month on my instagram and if you like my work you will definitely find something you want to get.





placements I don't tattoo

I don't hand poke the ribcage and the inner upper arm. Also I prefer not to do small botanical works on the torso. The reason is pretty simple, mostly I don't like the result on those placements after healing and I want to give you something that looks great a lifetime.


I barely tattoo the nape so this might be a reason why I won't book you in with this request. Giving me an alternative placement which appeals to you as well will increase your chances.



double/partner appointment 

If you want to get tattooed together with someone please make sure that each one of you fill and send the form separately and mention the name of your tattoo partner.

Usually I do only one client per day but double appointments can be arranged exceptionally if each one of you wants to get just one tattoo. If one or both want to get more we have to split the session in two days wich can be following days of course.




white ink

White ink tattoos can get a yellow/apricot touch after healing. I try to avoid that with some tricks but can't promise a perfect white outcome. They can also fade easier by time. Please think about these 'risks' before inquiring for a white tattoo.





If I can book you in you will get a mail with all necessary info including a price range before. 




guest spots

If I plan to work somewhere else I will share it on my Instagram as soon as I know. If I didn't announce anything yet, it's not planned.